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Ramjack Technology Solutions

Ramjack Technology Solutions is a full service system integrator, technology implementation partner and value-add reseller to the mining industry in Africa, Europe the Middle East and Latin America.

What sets Ramjack apart is their ability to guarantee increased value from a mine’s technology systems with proven results. Through custom services and partnerships with international technology manufacturers, Ramjack provides real-time technology solutions and localised services that guarantee improvements in safety, productivity and effectiveness for mining operations.

Founded on the back of more than 50 years in the real-time mining technology space, Ramjack fills the gap between original-technology manufacturers and mine operations. Their team is committed to supporting our customers on their journey to ESG and carbon-neutral practices.

Discover how you can leverage Ramjack's specialised technical services, purpose-built technologies & real-time communication solutions, to increase the effectiveness of your existing technology systems, and systematically help your mine monitor, manage & optimise anything that matters in real-time.

For more information visit: www.satarla.com.

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