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Tracking Solutions

Tracking Solutions has been operating for over 12 years and has provided solutions to customers across Australia and the South Pacific. Tracking Solutions part of the Hindmarsh Group, an Australian company which is currently delivering construction projects to the value of $1bn across Australia.

In the Australian marketplace, Tracking Solutions takes a unique approach to Telematic solutions, by ensuring both your strategic and local operational requirements are achieved, by enabling you to make informed decisions based upon real information obtained from your own business.

Tracking Solutions Telematics can be placed on almost any machine from any manufacturer. Manufacturer-agnostic hardware and software frees you from dependencies on proprietary hardware and software. You are able to acquire Plant, Equipment and motor vehicles that’s right for your business and manage them, irrespective of manufacturer, age of equipment or geographic location. Simple, easy to understand reporting.

For more information visit: trackingsolutions.com.au.

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