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How to add Industry 4.0 technology + custom IoT applications to your offering - eBook

Rayven, 19 June 2023

Discover the challenge and the opportunity, how to select and work with platform providers, as well as the potential applications and benefits for both you and your customers: download our eBook.

In the rapidly evolving industrial landscape, digitalisation is now the key driver of growth and productivity -and has been for some time.

In this guide we explore the opportunity, what’s involved, and how to get started with developing custom IoT solutions and industrial applications (if that sounds scary, stick with us - it really doesn’t have to be).

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Covered in 'How to add Industry 4.0 technology + custom IoT applications to your offering':

Setting the scene.

  • Enter integrated data, AI + IoT platforms
  • Common industrial sector digital transformation hurdles?

The challenge + opportunity.

  • The physical-digital-physical loop
  • The software opportunity
  • The market opportunity

The stack needed.

  • The full solution stack
  • The different types of platforms

Working with platform providers.

  • What exactly are syndicated applications?

Selecting a platform.

  • What to look for in a platform

Potential applications.

  • Potential industrial IoT use cases
  • Real-world solutions built by Rayven

Partner benefits + commercial models.

  • Key things to look for in a platform partner
  • Commercial models
  • Additional support commonly available

In conclusion.




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