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 You can open new revenue streams, move up the value chain, and reduce churn by offering real-time data, IoT + AI applications.

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The transformation challenge and syndicated application opportunity.
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How to become an end-to-end Industry 4.0 solution provider.
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Why syndicated applications are better than your own software.
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What to look for in a syndicated application provider.

eBook: How to add Industry 4.0 technology + custom IoT applications to your offering

How to identify the best use cases for real-time Industrial IoT solutions.
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The 6 types of IoT platforms.
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Do your customers lack a digitization and Industry 4.0 roadmap?

The commercial models and added benefits of syndicated applications.
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Our Dynamix data, AI + IoT platform, syndicated solutions, and services enable you to create and offer your own real-time data, IoT and Industry 4.0 applications, simply. Discover more, download our brochure:


Start with 80% of a solution built, then hyper-customise the 20% that matters.

A lot of what goes into an IoT solution is the same for everyone so, to speed-up deployments and reduce costs, we can enable you to copy the 80% that doesn't matter and then hyper-customise the 20% that does.

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Discover some of Rayven's real-world case studies.


Waste Water Condition Monitoring, Energy Efficiency & Predictive Maintenance.

Find out how our AI + IoT solution helped reduce energy consumption and equipment downtime via intelligent maintenance. Read More.


Oil & Gas Pipeline Monitoring and Leak Detection.

Rayven's AI + IoT monitoring and leak detection technology is an ideal way to reduce costs, improve performance and improve HSE outcomes. Read More.


Road Safety & Traffic Barrier Monitoring.

Rayven's solution enables the real-time monitoring of tension along road safety barriers, improving accident response times and maintenance regimes, plus improving safety. Read More.


Vehicle Fleet Management & Optimization.

Any organization with yellow goods depends on maximizing their utilization, reliability and safety for ultimate business success. When they're always in motion and downtime is the enemy, AI + IoT is the answer to optimizing their use. Read More.


Truck Health, Predictive Maintenance & Compliance Fleet Monitoring.

The trucking and logistics industry is under tremendous pressure to improve quality and performance under stringent environmental and safety regulations, whilst also becoming more competitive. Read More.


Pump Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance.

Wastewater pumping stations are an intrinsic part of the sewerage network, raising water from gravity-fed pits to transmit over long distances. As such, they are often located in urban areas, operate regularly and can quickly cause problems when they fail. Read More.


Industrial HVAC Predictive Maintenance & Energy Efficiency.

Industrial HVAC consumes large amounts of energy and requires continuous management oversight - our IIoT and Industry 4.0 solution makes this easy and enables you to save time and money in the process. Read More.


Improving Manufacturing OEE in Food & Beverage.

Measuring manufacturing OEE is best practice, but doing it accurately, consistently, and in real-time, can be a significant challenge for many manufacturers - that's where Rayven's Manufacturing solution comes in: Factory One. Read More.


Solar Analytics, Condition and Performance Monitoring.

Our customer wanted to meet the demand for a faultless solar array performance and power generation IIoT and Industry 4.0 solution, which was also capable of improving the handling of maintenance issues. Read More.

Cold Storage

Cold Storage Monitoring, Compliance & Energy Efficiency.

Discover how our IIoT and Industry 4.0 solution enabled our customer to better monitor their cold storage environment, ensuring that their products are stored at the correct temperatures and that they comply with food storage regulations, both during storage and in transport. Read More.


Food Production

Our client was concerned about yield losses, product giveaway, and an inability to reach daily production targets. We solved their business problems and improved OEE with an IIoT and Industry 4.0 solution that provides vital information in real-time on key machines in the production process. Read More.


Gas Station Asset

Gas stations have lots of assets to manage - not just fuel pumps, but lighting, HVAC, refrigeration and air compressors. Since many run 24 / 7, knowing how the equipment is being used and when it might fail brings big benefits. Read More.


Farming Automation, Water Monitoring and Irrigation Optimization.

Farmers are under increasing pressure to produce more with less - more yield with less water, less labour and less time. Our real-time IIoT and Industry 4.0 solutions let farmers use low-cost data to save time and money. Read More.


Real-time OEE & Machine Utilization Monitoring.

See how Rayven helped this milk bottling facility meet the highest food handling standards by enabling our client to understand their production and OEE in real-time. Read More.


Improving Supply Chain Performance.

If you can better track your supply chain, you can understand points of failure, the reasons for them, or better still - react to issues in real-time before they become a problem. This is what our Supply Chain Performance solution will enable you to do. Read More.


Power Distribution Transformer Monitoring & Fault Detection.

Discover how Rayven helped this utility to better monitor their electricity distribution network, speeding fixes and preventing failures. Read More.


Plastic Recycling Plant Energy Efficiency

Improving the energy efficiency of a plastics recycling plant through the use of AI + IoT technology did more than provide clarity over costs - it enabled savings and big profitability improvements. Read More.


Greenhouse Management, Monitoring & Yield Optimization.

The rapid growth in demand for fresh fruit and vegetables year-round has also placed pressure on delivery, costs and product quality - something AI + IoT  technology can make easy. Read More.

Discover the platform that powers our syndicated applications, Rayven's Dynamix data, AI + IoT platform.

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