Waste Water Condition Monitoring, Energy Efficiency & Predictive Maintenance

Using AI + IoT technology to reduce energy usage, improve maintenance and save money at waste water facilities.

The problem

Waste water facilities use huge amounts of energy and are full of assets that are difficult, disruptive and hazardous to access and maintain. Pump downtime can cause significant disruption, production loss, and may even cause damage to the pump and other equipment – shortening lifespans and increasing maintenance costs.

Our customer approached us to see if we could design an AI + IoT solution that enabled them to reduce energy consumption and that would allow them to implement intelligent maintenance schedules to improve the uptime of their assets.

Our Waste Water Condition Monitoring, Energy Efficiency & Predictive Maintenance AI + IoT solution.

The solution

Waste water pumps must be protected from downtime and faults in order to keep up with the need to move waste water around facilities without interruption. Water pump failures are a significant issue and disruptive to both customers and water companies, so being able to not just monitor them to identify problems quickly, but predicting failures before they occur is hugely desirable.

We designed and implemented an AI + IoT solution that enabled our client to collect real-time data from the water pumps’ PLCs, weather reports and from 4G energy meters, before combining data sets to identify new performance metrics, maintenance insights and improve fault detection, creating an extremely flexible AI + IoT solution.

Defining what data to collect is critical
In order to create the solution, we started by identifying the data needed to deliver on the customer’s goals. In this solution, this included:

  1. Energy consumption
  2. Water pump status
  3. Current and predicted temperature and moist
  4. Oil level
  5. Energy consumption
  6. Energy pricing
  7. Water flow rate

Initial goals of the solution
The first goal of the solution was to focus on connecting the waste water pumps, PLCs and external weather service to the IoT solution in order to collect data in a consistent and reliable manner, ensuring its data quality and integrity. To achieve this, we provided the following features:

  1. Monitoring of critical operational data received from the equipment via a web-based system
  2. Device management
  3. Creating business logic for the application to meet the business objectives
  4. Providing alarm and alert notifications via email or SMS messages
  5. Collection of historical data to enable energy consumption forecasting and fault detection
  6. Multiple dashboards to provide the right users with the right insights
  7. Testing of the application, making sure all of the above goals are met, based on the below solution architecture:

Before go-live, we tested four critical aspects of the solution:

The Rayven AI + IoY platform is built with security as a top priority.

Rayven’s proprietary security architecture ensures data is secure at all points of the environment. The solution includes data encryption in transit and is encrypted from device to cloud (device-dependent). Devices are authenticated using device keys (device-dependent) and 256-bit SSL encryption is used between end-user devices (PCs, tablets, mobile phones) and the cloud, which protects confidentiality, integrity and availability of data in transit from device to cloud.

Once securely connected, PLC’s were connected via a Modbus connection to the 4G energy meter, which acts also as a gateway, and temperature sensors and moisture sensors were set up. The combination of a secure and encrypted transmission path, together with a dedicated and direct connection to the 4G gateway, meant a fast and secure connection could be established without needing to involve their IT team.

Data Integrity
Once all the sensors were connected to the gateway and transferring data to the Rayven platform, it was critical for us to test that the raw data on the machines and sensors matched the data in the dashboards, meaning that the connection (and the sensors) was operating effectively. In addition, it was critical to build-in capability to back-fill data in sequence in the event that communication ever goes down, so that there would never be gaps in data flows to the IoT platform.

Industrial Data Science
The objective of the exploratory data analysis was to identify trends in the data, which included:

  1. Energy usage patterns compared with water flow data
  2. Pumping vs. water flow pressure
  3. Pump energy efficiency
  4. Anomaly detection
  5. Water pump maintenance and failure alerts

What’s next?

We are continuing to gather additional data and growing the data sets so that we can improve the solution’s energy forecasting, fault detection and predictive maintenance capabilities.

Discover more about the Rayven AI + IoT platform our solutions are built on.

The data sources used to deliver the Waste Water Condition Monitoring, Energy Efficiency & Predictive Maintenance AI + IoT solution.

New and existing data was used to create the custom applications and business insights that come from the AI + IoT solution:

The data sources used to deliver the Waste Water Condition Monitoring, Energy Efficiency & Predictive Maintenance AI + IoT solution.
Energy meters
Water flow meters
Water pumps' PLCs
Vibration sensors
Production schedule
Human-entered data

Key Features of our Waste Water Condition Monitoring, Energy Efficiency & Predictive Maintenance AI + IoT solution.

All of these features were customized to fit the customers specific business objectives.

Predictive maintenance

Identify when filter pressures are rising, when system checks fail, or when motors are starting to misbehave and take proactive action.

Energy monitoring

Continuous monitoring of energy consumption, including power factor, current, voltage, and frequency

Alarms & alerts

Receive immediate SMS and email alerts for energy alarms, PAC warnings and alarms, or when any metric crosses your preset thresholds.

Complete history

Even if a device can’t connect due to network issues, you can rely on the automated back-fill to retrieve device history and fill the gaps in the historical data set.

Issue management

Ensure that there is a process in place to have the right people respond based on agreed protocols.

Automated reporting

Create custom reporting dashboards and schedule them to be sent at any periodic time schedule to any specific user or user group.

Our Waste Water Condition Monitoring, Energy Efficiency & Predictive Maintenance AI + IoT solution.

Our Waste Water Condition Monitoring, Energy Efficiency & Predictive Maintenance AI + IoT solution delivers real business outcomes.

Lower cost of maintenance

With centralized, continuous real-time monitoring, you can avoid the need to visit sites and monitor critical performance metrics remotely. This enables you to proactively maintain your PACs.

Less downtime

Centralized, continuous real-time monitoring allows you to proactively repair and maintain equipment, improving uptime and customer service.

Reduced energy bill

Compare PAC performance across a site or across an entire fleet of assets to learn what makes some units more efficient than others and make better purchasing decisions.

Better resource utilization

Send crews to the right place with the right spares, only when they are needed. This improves maintenance efficiency, speed’s fixes and reduces cost of maintenance.

Better predictability

Being able to better predict your overall performance, means you can manage your business with more confidence. Reducing the unpredictability factor that is always weighing down, allows you to make better decisions with less risk.

Increased margins

The combination of increased production, reduced waste and energy consumption, as well as lower cost of maintenance together contribute to your bottom line.

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