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Fill your software's Industry 4.0, real-time data + integration capability gaps

Rayven, 19 July 2023

As someone involved in IT and technology at your company, you're constantly challenged to balance the needs of today with the possibilities of tomorrow, making strategic decisions that propel your company and its products into the future.

You're almost certainly acutely aware of your software's capability gap when it comes to real-time data and Industry 4.0 functionality. To bridge it and to strengthen your offering, you need to tap into the power of an integrated data, AI + IoT platform.

The pathways to capability augmentation

The quest for capability augmentation can take two paths. The first involves using an integrated platform as a new foundation for your existing technology stack. The second route is to offer all-new end-to-end solutions via syndicated applications:

Route 1: Reinforcing the foundation

The advantage of this approach is that it minimises disruption. By building upon your existing tech stack, you add capabilities without uprooting the current software architecture.

How does this work in practice? You can take an integrated data, AI + IoT platform, like Rayven's, and use it to plug the holes in your system's capabilities. This platform is completely interoperable, meaning you can sit your software on top of it so, whilst Rayven collects, analyses, and takes action upon real-time data, it feeds that information through to your software at the frontend.

What's more, a data, AI + IoT platform comes with robust AI components that enable predictive analytics, machine learning, and more. This not only strengthens your offerings instantly, but shows customers that you're responsive and adaptive, using cutting-edge technology to improve their experience.

Route 2: The syndicated application approach

The second approach involves offering new end-to-end IoT solutions and Industry 4.0 applications via syndicated applications. This route might seem daunting, but syndicated applications simplify the process.

Syndicated applications are pre-packaged, repeatable deployments of platforms (complete with front-end applications) with prebuilt components that are designed to fulfil common industrial use-cases, which can then be tailored to meet individual business’ needs. In English: a supplier works with another business to create software (on an underlying IoT platform) which they can deploy and customise for multiple customers.

It simplifies deployments, reduces time to market, and outsources maintenance and support to someone else. You're also simplifying you technology stack, making it more secure, and future-proofing your offering: you wouldn't develop your own CRM platform today, and in time, this will be the same situation with data, AI + IoT platforms.

Comparing the two approaches

Both routes offer distinct benefits, but your choice should depend on your company's specific needs, strategy, and available resources.

The foundation reinforcement route is optimal if you want minimal disruption and a gradual transition towards an Industry 4.0 ready offering, however could become complicated in time and lead to 2-speed development as the underlying platform's capabilities grow faster than the front-end.

The syndicated application route, on the other hand, is a bolder approach that allows you to deliver cutting-edge solutions to your customers more quickly, with long-term cost and efficiency savings.

The impact on you

Regardless of the route you choose, the outcome will have a profound impact on your role.

You'll be at the helm of transformative projects, guiding your team and the wider business through uncharted waters towards a future where your software's capability gap is no longer a hindrance but a thing of the past. You'll gain the satisfaction of seeing your strategies bear fruit, establishing yourself as a forward-thinking leader.

Closing your software's capability gap is not only necessary but advantageous. By leveraging an integrated data, AI + IoT platform, you have the opportunity to augment your software's capabilities, strengthen your company's product offerings, and propel your career forward. There's no time like the present to start this journey and to redefine what's possible with your software.

Rayven can help you end-to-end with not just the technology, but the strategic vision, development, deployment, and scaling. Speak to us today and discover what more you can do for your customers (and your business), fast and simply.


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