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The commercial models and added benefits of syndicated applications

Rory McNeil, 22 June 2023

Partnering with an integrated data, AI + IoT platform provider and adopting a syndicated software model enables suppliers to develop their own real-time data and Industry 4.0 solutions, simply.

Beyond that, however, there are additional benefits outside of the technology itself.

300x600-Rayven-syndicated-app-Q223IoT platform companies, such as Rayven, will work with the supplier to provide insights and practical help with not just solution design and build, but with additional resources to deliver increased likelihood of successful uptake across existing and new customer segments.

These services can include assistance in application architecture, user interface design, and setting up the requisite data pipelines; through additional solution development and scaling services in-line with customer needs and expanding goals. This means that, as the demands of your end-users evolve, so too can your application, whether it's integrating additional use cases or implementing more sophisticated AI capabilities.

Working with integrated data, AI + IoT platform providers + syndicated applications.

There are two approaches for industrial suppliers who want to work with platform providers to add the platform and applications needed to deliver the end-to-end vision:

  1. License an integrated data, AI + IoT platform. You can take the raw platform and build the applications that you want yourself. This gives you complete flexibility and enables you to go your own way with the technology, without ever having to worry about the underlying capabilities of it, ongoing maintenance, and technical support. It will of course, require internal technical expertise with front-end application design, configuration, and deployment.
  2. Adopt syndicated applications. You can work with the platform provider to create pre-packaged, repeatable deployments of platforms (complete with front-end applications) with prebuilt components that are designed to fulfil common industrial use-cases, which can then be tailored to meet individual business’ needs. In English: a supplier works with another business to create software (on an underlying platform) which they can deploy and customise for multiple customers. This has numerous benefits for industrial suppliers, which are fully explored here, but fundamentally means that you need programming expertise and get ongoing support with all elements of your solution's (or solutions') lifecycle(s).

The common commercial models.

  • On-Sell: On-sell a jointly-created solution with the syndicated application provider on your own.
  • Co-Sell: Co-sell a joint-solution together with the application provider.
  • Referrers: Create a joint solution with the provider and co-market, exchanging leads.
  • OEM: Build solutions using the underlying platform and commercialise them on your own.

Many syndicated application providers in the industrial space to sell more than the application itself, such as private cloud access, data science consulting, and a range of other services (e.g. training, and optimisation support).

Additional support commonly available from syndicated application providers.

  • Training + Technical. Access product training to become self-sufficient or simply learn how to run the technology.
  • Sales. Access presales and go-to-market support. Get help with pitches, RFPs, or account growth.
  • Marketing. Access marketing and thought leadership collateral. Undertake joint marketing activities.
  • Development. Input on new feature development, including urgent requests for specific customer deployments.

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