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In the News: Riverina Fresh welcomes AI into Wagga factory

Rory McNeil, 05 May 2021

Read the full article in Dairy News Australia here.

Riverina Fresh is taking a page out of Amazon’s book and hiring artificial intelligence to help manage its production floor.

The small Wagga Wagga-based dairy producer has partnered with a solution platform used by the likes of Microsoft and Farmbot in an effort to transform into a leaner, quicker business.

The new technology’s first job will be figuring out the best maintenance regime for key machinery.

Riverina Fresh production manager John English said the move was part of an overall transformation.

“We identified the need to better gather real-time metrics of what’s actually happening on the production floor,” Mr English said.

“Over the years we’ve had a lot of success in identifying the causes of major downtime events, but found that it’s increasingly difficult to find out the causes of the high frequency short duration stoppages.”

Riverina Fresh chief executive Rob Collier said the partnership with AI and internet of things platform Rayven included plans to develop real-time analytics capabilities.

“This is an example of modernising a manufacturing business without having to outlay significant capital expenditure,” Mr Collier said.

Riverina Fresh is supplied by 20 Riverina dairy farmers and bottles a premium range of milk.

See Rayven in action

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