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Press Release – Rayven announces the arrival of former IBM enterprise design thinking leader, Phillip McBride, as Chief Sales Officer.

Rory McNeil, 11 March 2021

Rayven announces the arrival of former IBM enterprise design thinking leader, Phillip McBride, as Chief Sales Officer.

(Sydney, Australia) – Rayven, the real-time industrial AI and IoT solution platform, has announced a new executive hire with the arrival of Phillip McBride as Chief Sales Officer.

Rayven enables any business to leverage our sophisticated, real-time data, AI + IoT platform by making it easy to create Industry 4.0 applications and IoT solutions.

Jared Oken, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Rayven, said of Phillip’s appointment “We’re delighted that Phillip has joined Rayven. He brings with him a wealth of experience from the leading-edge of the enterprise technology industry and will enable us to reach more businesses and assist them to achieve their transformation and business goals via the Rayven platform.”

On joining Rayven, Phillip McBride said, “I’m excited to join the team. There are lots of organizations in the market talking about IoT and AI, and even more paying lip service to transformation, but there are very few who actually have the technology and ability to deliver on what’s promised. Rayven does and we are already helping our customer base and partners to achieve real revenue returns on novel technology investments – it’s a very exciting time to have joined the company and I’m looking forward to helping customers accelerate their digital capability with the fast, flexible and affordable Rayven AI and IoT platform.”

Rayven recently launched a range of ready-to-deploy combined AI and IoT solutions built for different industries and use cases. The products feature a preconfigured version of the Rayven platform, built with particular industries and use cases in mind, allowing businesses to quickly deploy a working monitoring and management IoT solution which they can then build on, utilizing the platform’s inbuilt AI engine, to develop it into a tailored Industry 4.0 solution using only drag-and-drop interfaces. New solutions include a manufacturing OEE solution, Fleet Tracking & Management, as well as an Asset Utilization Intelligence solution.

Prior to joining Rayven and IBM, Phillip held roles at CAE and Immersive Technologies, as well as having previous experience as an airline pilot.

About Rayven

Rayven is a codeless data, AI + IoT platform used for creating brilliant commercial and industrial real-time monitoring, control and predictive analytics solutions that accelerate digital transformation.

Quick-to-deploy, simple-to-use and affordable; the Rayven platform and our industrial Data Science abilities helps our customers and partners to gather real-time insights, optimize operational performance, and succeed with any IoT, AI or Industry 4.0 use-case.

For more information, visit: www.rayven.io.

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