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Press Release – Rayven announces a category-leading IoT and predictive analytics breakthrough: AI Dynamix

Rory McNeil, 15 March 2021

Rayven announces a category-leading IoT and predictive analytics breakthrough: AI Dynamix.

(Sydney, Australia | 15 March 2021) Rayven, the real-time data, AI + IoT platform, has announced the release of a new drag-and-drop predictive analytics engine, AI Dynamix.

Designed for commercial and industrial purposes, it enables non-technical users to create sophisticated real-time AI-based IoT and Industry 4.0 solutions without writing a line of code.



  • In a potential world-first, AI Dynamix gives non-technical users the ability to design, build and deploy bespoke Machine Learning algorithms into a real-time IoT monitoring and management platform.
  • The development means the Rayven platform now combines all the elements necessary to build an end-to-end Industry 4.0 solution using only drag-and-drop interfaces; making it fast to adopt Machine Learning and business-specific, real-word AI accessible to any individual or business.
  • AI Dynamix supports the importation of any Python-based Machine Learning model, so a real-time AI and IoT solution can be deployed rapidly – skipping long development cycles and associated engineering costs/time.

Dr Bernard Kornfeld, Chief Scientist of Rayven, said of the developments “This is a major step-forward, not just for Rayven, but in the field of integrated AI and IoT solutions.

“The new functionality means that businesses without deep Data Science experience can choose a Python off-the-shelf Machine Learning algorithm – or create their own from scratch – tailor and train it for their needs, and then deploy it in a very short time frame. This cuts costs by reducing the work required to a fraction of that which other solutions demand.”

The business, based in Sydney, Australia with offices in Israel, is now actively seeking distribution partners in the US to help bring the new capability to a mass-market, with a focus on commercial and industrial sectors, including: manufacturing, construction and road infrastructure, building management, utilities and agriculture. The company is particularly green tech-oriented with solutions for energy optimisation, solar management, HVAC efficiency, predictive maintenance and fleet optimisation.

Jared Oken, Rayven’s CEO, said of the move, “This is a huge development in the market, and will enable our partners and customers to quickly adopt complex AI and Machine Learning algorithms, as well as find new ways to achieve their business goals.

“Many IoT platforms can ingest and display data, triggering alerts or actions, but Rayven’s combined solution delivery platform is end-to-end because it combines traditional IoT technology with predictive analytics, all in a single drag-and-drop platform – it’s incredibly powerful.”

Next developments for AI Dynamix

The next stage for AI Dynamix, according to Dr Bernard Kornfeld, is the continued growth of a library of off-the-shelf algorithms available in the Rayven platform. “We want to further assist businesses looking to utilise cutting-edge AI technology, reducing time-to-value even further.

“We started this journey a few years ago; we don’t want to be Google, we want to be the best at end-to-end industrial and commercial IoT”, he said.

Rayven works with technology partners to facilitate deployments globally, and has customers across APAC, North America and EMEA.

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About Rayven

Rayven is a codeless data, AI + IoT platform used for creating brilliant commercial and industrial real-time monitoring, control and predictive analytics solutions that accelerate digital transformation.

Quick-to-deploy, simple-to-use and affordable; the Rayven platform and our industrial Data Science abilities helps our customers and partners to gather real-time insights, optimise operational performance, and succeed with any IoT, AI or Industry 4.0 use-case.



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