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What to look for in a syndicated application provider

Jared Oken, 22 June 2023

 As more industrial businesses explore the possibilities of Industry 4.0 and AI technology to find optimisations, efficiencies, and to achieve HSEC objectives; industrial suppliers are increasingly adding platform and software to their offerings to facilitate them.

300x600-Rayven-syndicated-app-Q223A new wave of SaaS-based technologies, referred to as 'syndicated applications,' is helping these suppliers to create, deploy and scale the IoT solutions and Industry 4.0 applications needed digitise operations without the need for investing in their own digital teams, programmers, and long-term software support and development.

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and their advantages in this blog.

How to businesses looking to utilise syndicated applications to expand and improve their offering (or to move away from their own software to add Industry 4.0 capabilities) select the right provider? 

Evaluating Syndicated Application Providers

Here are the essential factors to consider when choosing your own syndicated application provider and the technology that they offer:

  1. Expertise + experience: Look for a provider with substantial experience and demonstrated expertise in deploying these applications. They should have a track record of success across multiple sectors and use-cases, showcasing their ability to adapt and cater to varied business needs.
  2. Scalability + flexibility: The provider should offer applications (and a platform that it's built on) that are both scalable and flexible. As you and your customers' business grow and evolve, digital needs will too. A robust provider will offer scalable solutions that can accommodate this growth in terms of the number of connected devices, the volume of data being processed, as well as all-new use cases and capabilities. Look for platforms that offer horizontal and vertical scalability, as well as an all-in-one structure (i.e. don't need to add additional modules so are always ready-to-go).
  3. Integration + interoperability capabilities: Choose a provider that offers seamless integration with your existing systems and technologies. Their applications should not require you to replace your current technology stack but should work harmoniously with it. This integration should span across all data sources, including other business systems, sensors, software, as well as machinery data feeds.
  4. Data interpretation + management: An advanced platform should provide seamless data interpretation capabilities, allowing you to collect, store, and analyse data in any structure. Key data integration and management features include support for multiple data formats and protocols, real-time data processing and analytics, and data storage and management options.
  5. Advanced Industry 4.0 features: An ideal syndicated application provider should offer advanced features, such as automation, machine learning, AI, and predictive analytics capabilities. These will provide deeper insights into your operations and enable automatic enhancements, fostering more efficient and productive business processes. Look for platforms with built-in machine learning capabilities (not in another module that you have to stitch together), support for popular machine learning frameworks and libraries, and integration with external AI and machine learning services.
  6. User-friendliness: The user-friendliness of the applications is another crucial factor. Even the most technologically advanced software will be of little use if your team finds it challenging to navigate and customise for your customers. The provider should offer intuitive, easy-to-use applications that are codeless and ideally configured using drag-and-drop (like our integrated data, AI + IoT platform).
  7. Services, support + maintenance: Good providers also offer services that span solution design to scaling, as well as ongoing support and maintenance. This includes regular updates to the applications to ensure they remain compatible with your systems and technologies, as well as prompt customer service to resolve any issues that may arise. Explore Rayven's services here.
  8. Security + compliance: Ensuring the security and privacy of data and devices is paramount when implementing a solution. Key security and compliance features to look for include end-to-end encryption, role-based access control, regular security updates and patches, and compliance with industry-specific regulations.
  9. User interfaces + visualizations: A user-friendly interface and robust visualization capabilities are essential for making sense of the vast amounts of data generated by your solution. Look for platforms that offer customisable dashboards, interactive data visualization tools, and mobile and web-based access: ensuring you can monitor and manage your IoT solution from anywhere, at any time.
  10. Pricing models: Every industrial use case and business has different needs, so pricing models need flexibility to reflect the effort and amount of data that needs to be processed by them. Look for solution providers that offer upfront, transparent pricing structures so that you and your customers don't have nasty surprises at the end of the month.

The right partner for your (and your customers') digital transformation.

Selecting a syndicated application provider is a critical decision for not just your customers' digital transformation journey, but yours, too.

A suitable provider is not just a vendor, but a partner that can support your business's growth and evolution in the digital landscape, so keep these factors in mind as you navigate this selection process and remember that your provider should understand and cater to your unique business needs, offering solutions that empower your team.

Speak to us today to have a no obligation discussion about your needs, what you can achieve with syndicated applications, and to discover more about Rayven and the capabilities of the underlying technology that powers our our solutions (our integrated Data, AI + IoT platform).

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