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Do your customers lack a digitisation and Industry 4.0 roadmap?

Jared Oken, 21 June 2023

In the rapidly evolving industrial landscape, digitalisation is now the key driver of growth and productivity - and has been for some time.

300x600-Rayven-syndicated-app-Q223This isn’t news, revelatory, or even interesting; so why aren’t industrial businesses significantly further down the digital transformation path than they are when it comes to incorporating Industry 3.0 and 4.0 technologies?

Commonly, it comes down to a lack of understanding about what can be achieved and how, insufficient access to expertise, the user-friendliness and flexibility of the technologies involved, as well as the perceived upfront costs and timelines.




Common industrial sector digital
transformation hurdles:


In fact, thirty percent of IoT projects fail in the proof-of-concept stage, mainly due to the lack of necessary skills for building custom applications (Microsoft via IDC: IoT Signals Report 2019).

Rayven's roadmap to transformation (+ application development)

We believe that digital transformation in industrial settings (or any other) is a step-by-step process and comes from the digitisation of individual functions, use case by use case.

Each of these may require their own individual solution, but what's key to delivering on the complete vision is that these can be integrated with one another, function-by- function. I.e. it’s not about a single technology in isolation, but the amalgamation of multiple solutions which are integrated together (along with legacy technology) via an integrated data, AI + IoT platform.

The AI + IoT platform is critical because it’s the one place in an organisation where all of its data (both historical and real-time, from any system, sensor or data lake) can flow and be standardised for analysis, where machine learning algorithms can be leveraged, and where cross-functional decisions - made by human or AI - can be orchestrated and
executed: it’s an organisation’s Industry 4.0 brain.

SLOW DOWN! Start with syndicated applications.

There is a raft of new SaaS-based technologies in the mould of many of the now commoditised business technologies that we use every day which remove the above hurdles and open pathways for existing suppliers (and new market entrants) to develop the use case applications that industrial businesses need to transform operations, simply.

Integrated data, AI + IoT platforms, like Rayven, make it easy to connect to devices and systems, process data in real-time, and deliver readily repeatable applications to customers that come complete with out-of-the-box Industry 4.0 capabilities designed for that particular use case.

The benefits of this for suppliers and end customers are numerous (and explored here). However, beyond being able to deliver on advanced technical capabilities without having to develop a platform or your own software (which is nearly always a bad idea), working with a specialist industrial syndicated application provider (like Rayven) gives you access to a team of experts who have battle-tested experience of deploying these technologies across multiple sectors, businesses, and use cases.

From developing and deploying the initial solution via sprint phases and QA, through to long-term scaling and enhancement to deliver on a complete Industry 4.0 vision using automation and AI technology, we can provide you (and your customers) with the expertise needed to succeed with these still novel technologies and avoid common pitfalls (and costs).

Speak to us today to have a no obligation discussion about your needs, what you can achieve with syndicated applications, and to discover more about Rayven and the capabilities of the underlying technology that powers our our solutions (our integrated Data, AI + IoT platform).

See Rayven in action

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