Healthcare is hard work; equipment and patients are distributed, but staff need to oversee them 24/7.

Leverage real-time data to improve processes, conduct preventative and predictive equipment maintenance, and enhance the way that you deliver patient care and the outcomes that you achieve with AI + IoT solutions from Rayven.


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Making data-driven decisions to improve processes and patient care.

The combination of IoT, machine learning, AI and data science is having a major impact on how healthcare is provided.

Asset and patient monitoring allows healthcare service providers to understand more about their patients, the power of the cloud enables intelligent feedback loops that personalize healthcare in remarkable ways, and predictive analytics are finding new ways to optimize the way care is given and patients are treated - all things that Rayven's Medical & Smart Healthcare AI + IoT solutions are custom designed to do.



Medical & Smart Healthcare AI + IoT solutions.

The simplicity and adaptability of Rayven's Medical & Smart Healthcare AI + IoT solutions allow you to bring together all of your assets into one place and discover new opportunities for better care and business management in real-time.

Discover more about the Rayven AI + IoT platform our solutions are built on.

Room-level visibility

Easily see how each room patient is performing, with automated alerts and notification that can inform caregivers on any issues in real-time.

Monitor people

Real-time hospital patient tracking improves patient flow in the OR, ED and Clinics; allowing you to drill right down to an individual patient’s experience and better understand their history’s.

Maintain vital equipment

Continually enhance patient care and help keep them safe with accurate, comprehensive monitoring data and run predictive maintenance algorithms for critical equipment.

Track equipment usage

Tracking usage in real-time gives healthcare organizations the level of visibility they need to ensure that their equipment is utilized to maximize usage.

Monitor healthcare assets

Tracking inventory and assets in real-time gives organizations the level of visibility they need to maximize their resources and saves millions on lost equipment.

Better decisions & care

Provide care decision-makers with easy to understand, real-time views of how critical parts of their healthcare organization – both medical and operational – are performing, so that they can make better decisions.

Measurable outcomes for you and your patients.

Measurable outcomes for you and your patients.

Lower cost of maintenance


Increased resource utilization


Fewer unnecessary calls


Reduced asset loss


Increased productivity across teams


Single source of truth for all your healthcare and operation levels.

Monitor your assets and patients using real-time data, machine learning, AI and data visualizations backed by data science and predictive analytics.

Complete dashboard - see all assets at a facility-level.

Complete dashboard

Facility or asset alerts - get real-time notifications of issues.

Facility or asset alerts

Individual asset view - compare individual assets.

Individual asset view

Historical tracking - of asset and facility performance.

Historical tracking

Rayven's key features.

Completely flexible

Rayven’s Medical & Smart Healthcare AI + IoT solutions are entirely flexible and provides you with a complete platform that’s able to cater to every IoT need your business has now or may want to employ in the future. With Rayven, you can quickly deploy, learn and adjust your solution before scaling.


Using Rayven’s codeless platform, you can easily customize your own Medical & Smart Healthcare AI + IoT solution to expand its scope, or employ further machine learning and predictive analytics by utilizing our simple drag and drop interface.

Low cost

The simplicity of use of Rayven’s Medical & Smart Healthcare AI + IoT solutions enables you to get started with IoT or a particular use case both quickly and affordably – cutting out long development timelines and saving you a fortune in the process.

Enterprise security

Rayven’s Medical & Smart Healthcare AI + IoT solutions are built on core platform which had security baked into it as a top priority. The proprietary security architecture and numerous encryption mechanisms ensures that you data is secure across your entire IoT environment.

Amazing support and service

Rayven offers unrivalled customer service. With 24/7 support always at the end of a phone, both our technical and data science teams are available to help you or your Medical & Smart Healthcare AI + IoT solution’s users at any time.

White labelled

Rayven’s Medical & Smart Healthcare AI + IoT solutions give you the control to place your brand across our platform, ensuring that users are getting consistency in user experience no matter which tool their utilizing.

Some of Rayven's Medical & Smart Healthcare AI + IoT solutions' use cases:

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