AI Dynamix turns your industrial data into predictive insights.

AI Dynamix turns your industrial data into predictive insights.

Rayven’s integrated drag-and-drop AI Dynamix engine finally makes integrated AI + IoT solutions fast and affordable to create, deploy and use in the real world – by anyone.

AI Dynamix: democratizing Machine Learning, AI and Industry 4.0 for every business.

Machine Learning and AI has been the preserve of computer programmers, with most end-to-end IoT solutions only providing simple optimization abilities, rather than predictive Industry 4.0 transformation.

Rayven’s combined AI + IoT platform does everything in a single platform, utilizing the same drag-and-drop logic as it’s workflow builder, enabling anyone to create and add sophisticated predictive analytics to your real-time monitoring solution, giving you real-time optimization abilities.


Featuring a simple drag-and-drop interface, anyone from the CEO to the intern can create, import or deploy complex Machine Learning algorithms: AI for all.

Fully-integrated AI + IoT solution

Unlike nearly every solution on the market, AI Dynamix is a part of our real-time IoT platform, meaning no gaps, less complexity and better results.

Included as-standard

The Rayven platform is all-in-one, with no hidden costs or additional module options, so you get AI Dynamix out-of-the-box.

Start from scratch or import and personalize

AI Dynamix supports any Python Machine Learning model, meaning you can build your own in our builder or import any pre-built algorithm.

Included: our Machine Learning model library

AI Dynamix comes with a growing number of pre-built algorithms that you can use in your own instance. From predictive maintenance to anomaly detection, short-cut your own business’ solution.

Start with one and end with many

The Rayven platform enables you to run as many models as you like. Train and deploy many, compare performance, see which works best and then create a new one to do something else.

Build, predict and improve - effortlessly.

Build, predict and improve - effortlessly.
Import models
Create algorithms
Train with your data
Compare effect
One-click deployment
Use any Python model

AI Dynamix's no-code, simple drag-and-drop interface.



Utilizing the same technology as our Workflow Builder, which enables you to integrate and collect data from any system to create a real-time IoT monitoring and management system, the AI Dynamix predictive analytics modeller and engine enables you to simply drag-and drop data, actions and common outcomes – selecting how you want information visualized – all from a single interface.

1) Prepare your data

Select training data from your workflow and apply ready-to-go filters and normalizers that are natively available in the Machine Learning Workbench.

2) Build or choose your algorithm

Create your algorithm or import an off-the-shelf Python algorithm for your use case, whether that’s forecasting, anomaly detection, predictive maintenance or something else.

3) Training / Learning

Apply the algorithm to prepared offline data and leave it to create a model that’s able to answer the questions that you have posed to it.

4) Deployment

Once you’ve trained your chosen model, simply drop it into the Workflow Builder in the Rayven Platform to add predictive analytics to your existing IoT monitoring and management solution.

5) Ongoing improvement

As your algorithm operates, faults occur and you (and it) learn from missed breakdowns your model evolves. Through AI Dynamix you can easily make adjustments and improvements.

6) Add another or contrast and compare

The platform supports your running multiple models simultaneously for different purposes or to test and see which one works best for you.

Data Science + AI Dynamix = Magic

The challenge for most companies is not that they don’t have data, it’s that it’s in different systems, unstructured, and that it’s impossible to know which of it is important; making it useless for real-time decision making.

Rayven solves these problems by bringing it together in the platform and then using Data Science to uncover what’s important via scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems; extracting knowledge and insights. Data Science is critical to delivering brilliant business outcomes – without it, your IoT solution is just another dashboard.

Discover Rayven's Data Science Discover Rayven's Data Science
Data Science + AI Dynamix = Magic

The benefits of AI Dynamix.

Usable by anyone

Build, maintain, optimize and grow your own AI and Machine Learning models without the help of a specialist or computer specialist – no programming required.

Shortcut development

Use off-the-shelf models within the platform or import your own Python algorithm from elsewhere and amend, you’ll save weeks – if not months – of development time.

Increase speed-to value

An algorithm can be created, trained and deployed in hours; providing you with rapid predictive insights that you can use to provide a clear ROI.

Limit running costs

Because AI Dynamix is codeless and easy-to-use, you can simply do your own assessments and don’t need specialist help to support your organization’s adoption of both IoT and AI technologies.

Grow and learn-as-you-go

The Rayven AI + IoT platform is a single solution with no-gaps in programming, because of this you can get started quickly and learn-as-you-go.


The AI Dynamix predictive analytics modeller and engine supports any Python-based model, meaning that the only limit on future Industry 4.0 and Industry 5.0 uses is your imagination.

Go beyond what's happening now to what will happen with real-time predictive analytics.

Getting your Machine Learning model and AI algorithm looking at past data and suggesting optimizations is one thing, but training it to tell you what’s about to happen in real-time based on how you’re operating at that moment is another.

Rayven’s AI Dynamix enables you to achieve just that, discover more about it and how Rayven can help you to establish real-time, accurate predictive analytics here.

Discover Rayven's Predictive Analytics Discover Rayven's Predictive Analytics
Go beyond what's happening now to what will happen with real-time predictive analytics.

Unlock the power of AI and Machine Learning in Rayven's world-leading, complete AI + IoT platform.

Discover our use cases and find out how you can get started.

With so many opportunities and applications for Machine Learning and AI algorithms within just one potential use case, it can be hard to know where to get started. Discover what some of our customers have done with the power of Rayven’s combined AI + IoT platform.

View some of our Use Cases View some of our Use Cases
Discover our use cases and find out how you can get started.

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