Solar Energy
Solar Energy

Distributed solar energy generation creates new opportunities and demands.

As the use of solar energy generation grows and the industry is currently presented with tremendous opportunities, as well as an entirely new challenge: sprawl. Energy is generated from more sites, more broadly distributed and with a broader customer base, leaving providers with more endpoints to monitor, maintain, and guarantee - Rayven's Solar AI + IoT solutions can help.


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Managing sprawling PV asset operations and maintenance is challenging.

Rayven's Solar AI + IoT solutions allow you to combine data, such as solar radiation, temperature, and energy outputs from individual panels to help you to uncover low-performing units and the potential causes, as well as spot longer-term trends.

What's more, AI + IoT technology - coupled with machine learning and data science - allows for instant location and troubleshooting, as well as optimum maintenance planning and resourcing.

All of this combines to allow for better production forecasting and improved grid stability, with the combination of historical and real-time data allowing you to create predictive models that can forecast power generation rates under given weather conditions.


Solar Energy

Simple, integrated systems are the future of AI + IoT in solar energy.

Rayven's Solar AI + IoT solutions enable you to see exactly what’s happening in real-time with individual PV panels, sites, or across your entire organization; as well as combine data sources and utilize AI and machine learning to understand opportunities and proactively action improvements - all from one central control panel.

Discover more about the Rayven AI + IoT platform our solutions are built on.

Reduce outages and downtime

Continuous real-time panel monitoring allows you to identify panels that are failing or that require cleaning.

Supply forecasting

Historical data allows the use of analytical and predictive models to forecast power generation rates under given weather conditions.

Increase energy production

Identify mismatches between solar generation and demand patterns, identify gaps in the solar grid.

Demand forecasting

Granular energy consumption monitoring helps you to understand the nature and timing of demand, allowing you to plan for export and import conditions.

Shrink costs

Adopting Rayven’s Solar AI + IoT solutions will enable you to prioritize maintenance, growth or overhauls so that your investments are targeted where they’re needed most.

Be future-ready

Rayven’s Solar IoT solutions are entirely flexible, inexpensive to scale, and are easily adaptable to incorporate additional use cases such as asset tracking, predictive maintenance and fleet management – all from the one AI + IoT platform.

Measurable outcomes from our Solar AI + IoT solutions.

Measurable outcomes from our Solar AI + IoT solutions.

Lower cost of maintenance


Increased resource utilization


Less downtime


Increased throughput


Productivity across shifts


Single source of truth at every level of your organization.

Rayven's Solar AI + IoT solutions enable you to discover how your solar panels, sites or entire business are performing, detect faults, and use machine learning to uncover new opportunities for efficiency and maintenance savings.

Real-time performance - see how you're doing right now.

Real-time performance

Drill-down - view individual assets and fields.


Live dashboards - contrast current and past performance.

Live dashboards

Alarms - get real-time alerts and advice.


Rayven's key features:

Completely flexible

Rayven’s Solar AI + IoT solutions can be customized as much as you wish, are entirely flexible, and can form a complete IoT platform capable of serving every one of your business’ IoT needs.


IoT incorporates lots of difficult disciplines, but Rayven’s Solar AI + IoT solutions utilize our codeless drag and drop interface. This enables anyone within your business to be able to develop and deploy your solution, as well as enhance it with machine learning and data analytics.

Low cost

Rayven’s Solar AI + IoT solutions are affordable and quick to deploy. We believe in speed-to-market, getting your IoT solution up and running so that it’s collecting data and that you’re learning about what’s possible. From there, it’s easy to make a business case and scale.

Enterprise security

Security is of primary importance to nearly every organization. Rayven’s Solar IoT solutions are built on our own proprietary security technology, as well as best-in-class industry standards, meaning that no matter where data sits in your IoT environment, it’s safe at all times.

Amazing support and service

With every one of Rayven’s Solar AI + IoT solutions comes 24/7 support, backed by a team of experts around the world with unique and varied skills sets so, no matter whether your query is technical, data science or machine learning-based, there will be someone on-hand to help you.

White labelled

All of Rayven’s Solar AI + IoT solutions can be white-labelled, meaning that we can personalize your platform to feature your brand, livery and colours creating a consistent and brilliant user experience for you and your customers, alike.

Some of Solar AI + IoT solutions' use cases:

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