IoT device management at-scale, simply.

IoT device management at-scale, simply.

Onboard, organize, monitor, and manage devices at-scale, securely.

Monitor and manage all of your devices from anywhere, at-scale using only drag-and-drop.

Dynamix’s device management functionality allows you to easily connect IoT devices and your existing systems to the cloud and one another – even at the Edge – enabling fast and simple deployments, rapid scaling, and simple updates.

With an added security layer that’s monitoring the data flowing from the devices to ensure safety and data integrity at all times, Dynamix makes device management not just easy, but ultra-secure, too.

Fast device onboarding

Bulk upload thousands of devices and their attributes securely in a click of a button. From device name, type and year built, you can assign them into groups for easier IoT device management.

Simple device organization

Organize your devices into groups and cascade them by hierarchy to make it easy to track, operate, and manage your devices according to your business and security requirements.

Locate connected devices

Search and find any IoT device in real-time. You can easily find devices based on all your device attributes like device name, device status, and seamlessly find specific devices so that you can take action on all your devices.

Easy device updates

Dynamix makes it easy for you to maintain the health of your device fleet. With Dynamix IoT device management, you can remotely update the software running on your devices after they have been deployed in the field, so you can ensure that all devices are always running on the latest software.

IoT device management

Register devices with unique identifiers for authentication. With this, you can inject metadata into raw device data, create groups for easier bulk management, and send commands to devices on-demand.

Built-in firmware updates

Vulnerabilities with devices have raised the need for a solid and secure firmware update mechanism. Rayven allows you to fix vulnerabilities, update configuration settings, as well as add new functionality via simple web interfaces.

Scale + manage effortlessly, whether it's 1 or 1,000,000 devices.

Dynamix’s IoT device management system allows you to easily bulk upload millions of devices, group them, and create hierarchy structures. From there, you can understand in real-time the state of any device or group of devices, set-up notifications to inform you of issues with your devices’ performance, and perform actions across individual devices or groups, including configuration changes and firmware updates.

Scale + manage effortlessly, whether it's 1 or 1,000,000 devices.

Industrial IoT device management applications.

Dynamix’s IoT device management enables you to connect a diverse array of industrial devices – from PLCs and SCADA, to energy meters and vibration sensors – so that you can remotely manage and monitor them all across all of your industrial facilities. The platform enables you to monitor usage and performance metrics for all of your devices, securely with our inbuilt IoT security layer able to detect unusual behaviour and take action before it becomes a problem.

Industrial IoT device management applications.

Easy device health management, administration and updates.

Dynamix enables you to create customized health management interfaces displaying connectivity, battery-status, location and much more. You monitor devices by grouping, model or drill-down and look at individual assets from a single interface, as well as making it easy to create alerts and send notifications.

The Dynamix platform also makes it easy to push Firmware updates and change settings, including configuration changes, to individual devices or entire fleets remotely from anywhere at anytime.

Easy device health management, administration and updates.

Discover more about Rayven: download the brochure.

Who is Rayven? Download the brochure Who is Rayven? Download the brochure
Discover more about Rayven: download the brochure.

Dynamix IoT device management makes it easy to securely onboard, organize, monitor, and manage all of your IoT devices at scale.

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