Facility Management
Facility Management

Manage complex infrastructure simply, with real time data .

Facilities management is hard work - equipment is distributed and may not be connected digitally, but FM staff need to oversee it, manage occupant interaction and workplace experience all whilst meeting efficiency and regulatory goals. In the future, Facilities Management IoT solutions will be an imperative.

Expanding service scope with a Facilities Management IoT solutions and real-time data

Facility management companies can add value and increase profit margins by using Facilities Management IoT solutions.

IoT technologies, coupled with data science, can enable facilities managers to find ways to reduce costs, provide added-value services, and improve the experience of tenants through uncovering efficiencies, optimizing operations and fixing faults before they become problems. All of this provides for better capacity planning, asset utilization, and allows you to reduce costs - all things that Rayven's Facilities Management IoT solutions are custom designed to do.

Facility Management

Win the contract war by reducing costs and increasing added-value services

The simplicity and adaptability of Rayven's Facilities Management IoT solutions allows you bring together all of your KPIs into one place and discover new opportunities in real-time.

Take maintenance to a new level

Move from proactive to predictive maintenance by using centralized and remote monitoring of all assets, wherever they are in Rayven’s Facilities Management IoT solutions.

Enhance workplace experience

In addition to temperature, monitor light, humidity, CO2, VOC and air pressure – factors that all have great impact on employee productivity, health and well-being.

Energy efficient buildings

Efficient energy usage inside buildings is a major problem, particularly for HVAC systems: over 30% of the global energy consumption resides in HVAC usage inside buildings. Usage awareness and efficient management of HVAC have the potential to significantly reduce related costs.

Real-time auditability

Seamlessly manage and automate the flow of information, automatically defining work flow activity and create custom KPI dashboards that result in better management decision making, all in one place.

Shrink costs

Adopting Rayven’s Facilities Management IoT solutions will enable you to prioritize effort and identify the areas that need investment, meaning you don’t need to spend where it’s not needed.

Be future-ready

Rayven’s Facilities Management IoT solutions are infinitely flexible, inexpensive to scale, and can be easily adapted to incorporate additional use cases so that you can extend the benefits of Industry 4.0 across your organization.

Measurable outcomes for you and your facilities

Measurable outcomes for you and your facilities

Lower cost of maintenance


Increased resource utilization


Less downtime


Reduce energy consumption


Productivity across teams


Single source of truth for all your facilities

Compare and contrast how your facilities are performing using real-time data, machine learning, AI and data visualizations in your own Facilities Management IoT solution.

Complete dashboard - see all assets at a facility-level.

Complete dashboard

Facility or asset alerts - get real-time notifications of issues.

Facility or asset alerts

Historical tracking - of asset and facility performance.

Historical tracking

Individual asset view - compare individual assets.

Individual asset view

Rayven's key features

Completely flexible

Rayven’s Facilities Management IoT solutions are entirely flexible and provides you with a complete platform that’s able to cater to every IoT need your business has now or may want to employ in the future. With Rayven, you can quickly deploy, learn and adjust your solution before scaling.


Using Rayven’s codeless platform, you can easily customize your own Facilities Management IoT solution to expand its scope, or employ further machine learning and predictive analytics by utilizing our simple drag and drop interface.

Low cost

The simplicity of use of Rayven’s Facilities Management IoT solutions enables you to get started with IoT or a particular use case both quickly and affordably – cutting out long development timelines and saving you a fortune in the process.

Enterprise security

Rayven’s Facilities Management IoT solutions are built on core platform which had security baked into it as a top priority. The proprietary security architecture and numerous encryption mechanisms ensures that you data is secure across your entire IoT environment.

Amazing support and service

Rayven offers unrivalled customer service. With 24/7 support always at the end of a phone, both our technical and data science teams are available to help you or your Facilities Management IoT solution’s users at any time.

White labelled

Rayven’s Facilities Management IoT solutions give you the control to place your brand across our platform, ensuring that users are getting consistency in user experience no matter which tool their utilizing.

Some of Rayven's Facilities Management IoT solutions' use cases:

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