AI + IoT solutions can assist utility companies to improve every aspect of their operations.

There are an almost limitless number of ways that AI + IoT solutions can help utility companies to improve, from HSE compliance and asset monitoring, through to real-time strategic operational analysis and predictive analytics; Rayven's Utilities AI + IoT solutions are uniquely placed to help.


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AI + IoT technology can make utilities more efficient, safer and productive.

Utility operations are energy, capital and resource intensive; governed by strict regulatory and compliance requirements.

Finding ways to improve output, reduce costs and improve safety and maintenance regimes are key challenges. Small percentage improvements in these, as well as other, areas can lead to dramatic improvements, so investments in AI + IoT solutions represent a lucrative avenue for organizations to realize short, medium and long-term gains.

Rayven's Utilities AI + IoT solutions can help utility providers to make operational improvements and deliver upon transformational (as well as other) business goals both quickly and affordably, centralizing their data and providing a single interface on which to monitor, manage and improve their entire operations in real-time.



Discover how AI + IoT solutions can help improve the utilities sector.

The simplicity, ease of use and adaptability of Rayven's Utilities AI + IoT solutions allows you bring together all of your KPIs into one place, exert control, as well as uncover and seize optimization opportunities via AI and Machine Learning technology, instantly.

Discover more about the Rayven AI + IoT platform our solutions are built on.

Simple, complete real-time operation monitoring

Using Rayven’s Utilities AI + IoT solution, you can integrate all of your data and systems, as well as real-time data feeds from assets, into a single place. This will enable you to analyze your operations at the micro and macro level in real-time, compare performance, and find immediate improvements.

Predict maintenance needs

With real-time asset monitoring, you can predict and prevent failures, execute quicker fixes and better plan maintenance schedules around needs and resources; reducing costs and improving asset performance both individually and across fleets.

Improve safety & the environment

Reduce the risk to both humans and the environment through improved monitoring and maintenance, as well as better analysis of key performance metrics in the field to make operational improvements via Machine Learning.

Make compliance simple

Utilize AI + IoT solutions to simply and efficiently monitor and report on requirements, with easy-to-follow dashboards and reporting – all in real-time, and trigger immediate alerts and stoppages if problems arise before they become disasters.

Reduce costs & wastage

Reducing maintenance costs and finding energy efficiencies using Machine Learning and AI technology can save you money and help you to find optimal run schedules, which in turn enhances people and asset performance and shrinks overheads.

Maximize uptime

Every minute of downtime of any asset or entire operations is a minute of output lost forever. Continuous real-time monitoring allows for the proactive management of of your assets, either manually or through preconfigured automated rules, to enhance uptime and performance.

Delivering measurable outcomes.

Delivering measurable outcomes.

Increased uptime


Fewer HSE events


Lower cost of maintenance


Energy efficiency


Increase asset utilization


Get a single source of truth for all your sites and assets.

Use machine learning and programmed algorithms to monitor real-time data in Rayven's Utilities AI + IoT solutions make it easy to make better short and long-term business and operational decisions.

Real-time asset view - see how individual assets are performing.

Real-time asset view

Field & asset alerts - get instant alerts of faults or issues.

Field & asset alerts

Compare performance - with historical views.

Compare performance

Site & business analysis - understand everything instantly.

Site & business analysis

Rayven's key features:

Completely flexible

Rayven’s Utilities AI + IoT solutions are limitlessly flexible and is an end-to-end solution able to cater to every one of your business’ needs. With it, you can quickly adjust, iterate and grow.


Deploying purpose-built AI + IoT solutions has never been so simple. You can use our codeless platform to deploy custom utilities AI + IoT solutions, machine learning and predictive analytics easily.

Low cost

Get started quickly and affordably. Rayven’s Utilities AI + IoT solutions’ simplicity means that you can test, iterate, learn and scale solutions that work, saving huge amounts of time and engineering costs.

Enterprise security

Rayven’s Utilities AI + IoT solutions are built with security as a top priority. Rayven’s proprietary security architecture ensures data is secure at all points of the environment.

Amazing support and service

Our customer service sets us apart. On top of 24/7 support, our technical and data science team are always available to support you and your customers in any way.

White labelled

Our technology, your brand. With Rayven, you have the control to custom design solutions which can then be fully white labelled to fit your brand’s very own look and feel.

Some of Rayven's Utilities AI + IoT solutions' use cases:

Power Distribution Transformer Monitoring & Fault Detection
Monitoring & Fault Detection

Power Distribution Transformer Monitoring & Fault Detection

Discover how Rayven helped this utility to better monitor their electricity distribution network, speeding fixes and preventing failures. Read More

Oil & Gas Pipeline Monitoring and Leak Detection
Pipeline Monitoring & Leak Detection

Oil & Gas Pipeline Monitoring and Leak Detection

A leak can have disastrous consequences on soil and flora, as well as the bottom-line, plus the remote nature of these assets exposes them to the risk of theft and incurs high maintenance costs. This makes Rayven's AI + IoT solutions an ideal way to reduce costs, improve performance and improve HSE outcomes. Read More

Pump Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance
Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance

Pump Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance

Wastewater pumping stations are an intrinsic part of the sewerage network, raising sewerage from gravity-fed pits to extend transmission over longer distances. As such, they are often located in built-up urban areas, operate regularly and can quickly cause problems when they fail. Read More

Solar Analytics, Condition and Performance Monitoring
Analytics, Condition & Performance Monitoring

Solar Analytics, Condition and Performance Monitoring

Our customer wanted to meet the demand for a faultless solar array performance and power generation IoT solution, which was also capable of improving the handling of maintenance issues which, at the time, was highly-inefficient. Read More

Waste Water Condition Monitoring, Energy Efficiency & Predictive Maintenance
Condition Monitoring, Energy Efficiency & Predictive Maintenance

Waste Water Condition Monitoring, Energy Efficiency & Predictive Maintenance

Find out how our AI + IoT solution helped reduce energy consumption and equipment downtime via intelligent maintenance schedules at our customer's waste processing centers. Read More

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