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Rayven –
Your IoT Solution

Rayven is the only all-in-one codeless platform for deploying IoT, machine learning and predictive analytics solutions with an aggressive entry-level price point that scales to support fully featured enterprise deployments.

The Rayven unfair advantage

Extremely Flexible

Provides limitless flexibility so it can cater to your specific business needs and enable you to quickly adjust and iterate when needed.


Deploying purpose build Iot solutions has never been so simple, using our codeless platform for deploying custom IoT , machine learning and predictive analytics.

Low Cost

Get started quickly and affordably so you can test, iterate, learn and scale solutions that work, saving a tremendous amount of time and engineering costs.

Amazing Support and Service

Our excellent customer service is what sets us apart. On top of our 24/7 support, our technical and data science team are always available to support you and your customers in any way needed.

End to End Solutions

Everything you need in one integrated cloud platdfrom, From data ingestion, consolidation and transformation to real-time dashboards, visualisations and insights.

Full White Labeled

Our technology, your brand. With Rayven, you have the control to custom design the solutions to be fully white labled.

Everything you need in one IOT platform

To achieve meaningful outcomes

Over 80 purpose built solutions across
multiple industries

Manufacturing Efficiency

Asset & People Tracking

Agriculture & Farming

Supply Chain & Logistics

Infrastructure Management

Energy Efficiency

Energy & Utilities

Predictive Maintenance

A few of our partners and customers